In the year 2001 a seed was planted. Over the years that seed would grow into this beautiful journey and become this big family we call "Slitnir Strengir".

It's safe to say that this band has grown deep roots, roots that have become impossible to tear up. The group has formed a very special bond through their music, rehearsals, travelling and concerts.

It is wonderful and yet magical to see how much power lies within the music.


Over the last 16 years the group has become closer and closer and that special bond has definitely grown into the community around them. 

The group is very thankful for all the support they have gained on this journey and hope the seed can continue to grow.

Slitnir Strengir (Broken Strings), the former Folkmusic Group of Akranes, has been working together since the year 2000-2001 and has performed on many different occasions both in Iceland and in Europe.


The group, under the control of Ragnar Skúlason, consists of 19 girls who all play the violin and sing. In addition there are three extra musicians that play the piano, the drums and the base.


The main characteristics of this group is that they create shows with a mixture of different arts, violin playing, singing, acting and poetry recital(speechformation). Through the years the main focus has been on Irish and Scottish music and to take popular songs and arrange them in their own style.